MolaPlus Toxin Binder

A blend of naturally occurring elements that detoxify dairy, beef, poultry, pig and other farm animals.

Uses in Dairy, Beef and Small Ruminants

MolaPlus Toxin Binder improves digestibility and blinds aflotoxins that are ingested through feeds. Bound toxins are excreted from the cow's body without getting into the bloodstream. It is designed to improve immune functions, degradability of feeds, reduce liver inflammation and eliminate rumen acidosis. when mixed in feeds, it reduces menthane gas emissions and adour.

To obtain good results, mix 60gms of MolaPlus Toxin Binder in dairy meal, germs, brans, hay, silages or any other milled fodder twice a day. Uses in Paultry-Chicken and Other Domestic Birds

Molaplus Toxin Binder efficiently binds toxins such as aflotoxin, dioxin, glyphosate, mycotoxin, pesticides and PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons), improves growth, meat and egg production and eliminates odour and ammonia pollution in poultry farming.

This formulation eliminates coccidiosis, controls wet droppings, causes weigjt gain, increases caloric efficiency from poultry feeds, slows down the rate of poultry feed passage through the intestinals tract and leads to increased egg sizes. It boosts the birds's immunity, enhances feed utilization and eliminates stuntedness.

It helps more worms and worm eggs from the bird's body, lowers the ammount of ammonia from chicken manure, prevents soft egg shells and lengthens the lifespan of hens.

Mix up to 5gms or more per bird per day in their feeds. Use on birds of all ages.

Uses of MolaPlus Toxin Binder in Pigs/Swine Farming

When used in pig farming, this binder reduces mortality, eliminates toxins, poisons, helminth's eggs that are usually carried through corn, wheat, barley, and seed meals due to improper storage and transport.

They reduce morbidity and mortality, eliminate stressers that cause low feed intake, poor growth rate, and decreased immune function. MolaPlus Toxin Binders decreases diarrhea and E-Coli incidences.

For clean odourless and more profitable pig/swine farming, MolaPlus Toxin Binder is recommended. Use 20gms of MolaPlus Toxin Binder per pig per day.

Withdraw MolaPlus Toxin Binder from ALL farm animals receiving medication through the mouth. Note that the binders herein are none-selective. They would render most medications ineffective.