MolaPlus Poultry Microbes


MolaPlus Poultry Microbes is a probiotic for poultry. It is an organic solution of beneficial micro-organisms that: Give the day-old chicks a "Right Start" This probiotic introduces good bacteria into the day-old chicks' gut system, making them colonize the gut and effectively overmpower disease causing bacteria.

The above have the following advantages:

Reducing the use of antibiotics:By colonizing the day-old chicks'guts with beneficial bacteria, the need for antibiotics is eliminated or reduced. MolaPlus Poultry Microbes is one step forward to reduction of use of antibiotics that compromise the birds immunity and, by extension, the immunity of those who use the animal products . Reduction of stress: Usually mortality in chicks is highest in the fist few days of the chicks days on earth. This is usually because the chicks have not acquired the right microflora required to help them start digesting feed. Most of them die due to stress caused by them converting from feeding on the yolk to feeding on feeds provided. Introducing good bacteria through MolaPlus Poultry Microbes eliminates stress, causes chicks to start feeding and growing from day one (NB: Any amount of stress greatly affects performance of any organism), enhances gut development and supports early growth and development. MolaPlus Poultry Microbes reduces mortality in chicks from 5% on average to under 1%. MolaPlus Poultry Microbes boost immunity of birds of all ages: These probiotics, when administered to birds of all ages, inhibit pathogens in the birds such as E.Coli, salmonella and clostridium. Further, they secrete vitamins that help boost the immunity of poultry.

MolaPlus Poultry Microbes help fight Mycotoxins/ Aflotoxins: They sight aflotoxins and other mycotoxins through the secretion of antioxidants. As a result, they ensure birds:

don't get stunted growth don't lay tiny eggs have strong immunity to fight diseases and; effectively utilize feeds

Key antioxidants produced by these probiotics include flavonoids, saponin, umbiquinone, lycopens, Vitamin E (alpha, beta, delta and gamma) that help check the effects of aflatoxins in the poultry. Unchecked, aflatoxins in the feeds given to poultry cause them to be stunted, they lay few and very tiny eggs, they have a very weak immune system, and they don't utilize feeds properly. Microbes help poultry to build natural defences, maintain gastrointestinal integrity and stability as well as support weight gain.

MolaPlus Poultry Microbes enhance feed utilization

By using MolaPlus Poultry Microbes, commercial poultry farmers maximize feed utilization and efficiency. Due to the promoted good bacteria, they get the most from their feeds. It has been proven that in every poultry house of 1,000 birds, a farmer would save one 70kg bag of feeds per week. A total of 4 by 70kg bags of feeds per month for every 1,000 birds!

The microbes improve the intestinal ecology as well as nutrients release and absorption. In addition, they secrete beneficial enzymes that aid digestion, and aid the wellbeing of birds.

MolaPlus Poultry Microbes Enhance Laying for Layers

MolaPlus Poultry Microbes speed up growth of all birds causing layers to start laying at the 16th week. What's more, they lay more eggs, with yellow yolks - thanks to the vitamins they secrete. Birds on MolaPlus Poultry Microbes and a well-balanced feed attain an over 90% laying of good quality more nutritious eggs.

Shorten the slaughterweight period for broilers

By minimizing stress, enhancing digestion and improving feed ulitilization, they help broilers to improve their daily weight gain. Broilers on good quality diet attain slaughter weight of 1.5kg at 4 weeks, thus saving a farmer more than 11/2 weeks of unnecessary feeding. Note: Their meat is sweeter and less fatty with minimal cholesterol levels

Elimination of Ammonia smell in the poultry house

MolaPlus Poultry Microbes, by enhancing digestion and breakdown of nutrients in the poultry feeds, almost totally eliminates ammonia smell. Ammonia causes a lot of stress to the birds and greatly affect their comfort and performance. In under one week of Air using MolaPlus Poultry Microbes in the birds' water, the smell is eliminated, birds get more restful, cause birds to produce less droppings and their droppings are drier. By administering this probiotic solution to the birds'water, you substantially reduce wetness in the poultry houses.

What to expect with MolaPlus Poultry Microbes

These microbes reduce mortality in chicks, speed up their growth, boost immunity of all birds, shorten the time broilers will take to attain slaughter weight, increase the laying percentage of layers, make them lay eggs with yellow yolk, enhances digestion and improves feed utilization by birds and causes birds' droppings to be less and drier.

MolaPlus Poultry Microbes is a solution to ammonia polution and a super organic way to fight aflotoxins in feeds and in birds that lead to stuntedness in birds, laying tiny eggs, low laying percentage, compromised birds immunity and poor feeds utilization.

They produce the above by helping to avail:

Chelated minerals Antioxidants Enzymes Vitamins Organic acids Lactic bacteria Yeasts, and Phototropic bacteria


Proof of Efficacy

A scientific paper by Prof. Tuitoek, J., Dr. Onjoro, P.A., Dr. Alela, J.A., and Mr. Kibitok, N.K. Animal Nutrition Group, Department of Animal Sciences, Egerton University, Published in IOSR Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Science (IOSR-JAVS) titled: Effects of Probiotics Feeding Technology on Weight Gain of lndegeneous Chicken in Kenya can be accessed online.

How to Use

Put 5m1 of MolaPlus Poultry Microbes in every litre of water that your chicken take to realize the above results. It's preferred the water be raw water without chlorine/chemicals.