MolaPlus Super Milk Booster

MolaPlus Super has been formulated to help check the deficiency of the required nutrients for dairy and beef animals through the supply of carefully packaged energy, protein, minerals, trace elements, vitamins and yeast in a state that is readily available to the animals for improved productivity.

MolaPlus Super has been formulated to supply energy, proteins, minerals, vitamins and the much needed yeast to unlock the above nutrients locked up in the ligno-cellulose-rich post-harvest crop residues that many small holder dairy farmers are forced to use due to lack of enough good feeds.

Because of the high digestability of MolaPlus Super, it is rich in essential amino acids, energy and beneficial yeast. This product tends to speed up recovery of sick animals. It does increase the appetite of farm animals (causing them to take in more dry matter needed for milk production and growth), makes the animals drink more water and reduces their stress by causing ruminal stability.

It speeds up growth for growing animals and shortens the period beef cattle take to attain slaughter weight.

Nutritional Value

MolaPlus Super has;
  • Protein — It is formulated to supply both rumen degradable and by-pass protein
  • Energy — It is very high in energy (Over 32% ether extract)
  • Phosphorous — It has sufficient non-rock phosphorous in a mono-phosphate state. This source is neither from rocks nor from animal parts such as bones. It is partly chelated and therefore readily and fully available to the animals.
  • Calcium — It is high in calcium.
  • Trace elements — It has all essential trace elements that include sodium, chloride, copper, cobalt, magnesium, Selenium, Iron, Zinc, Iodine etc.
  • Others — Lysin, trylophan, Methionine and vitamins such as thiamine, Riboflavin Folic acid etc. Yeast — It has sufficient yeast required by ruminants for effective fodder utilization.

Proven Perfomance Record

It is proven that if properly used as directed, this special product increases milk by between 1 litre and 5 litres per cow. Some animals under careful supervision realize over 50% milk increase per cow per day.

The increase depends on the lactation stage of a cow and whether the cow is well-fed, gets enough water and its genetics too do play an important role