MolaPlus Pig Microbes
MolaPlus Pig Microbes
These are organic micro-organisms that enhance performance ...
MolaPlus Livestock Microbes
MolaPlus livestock Microbes (for Ruminants) is a suspension containing ...
MolaPlus Super Milk Booster
MolaPlus Super has been formulated to help check the deficiency ...
MolaPlus Poultry Microbes
MolaPlus Poultry Microbes MolaPlus Poultry Microbes is a probiotic ...

Our Vision

To be Africa’s preferred livestock consultants and manufacturers of animal supplement.

Our Mission

To grow and dominate Africa’s livestock supplement and consultancy market by exceeding customer expectation with the most innovative, result oriented supplements and services.

Our Mandate

To support Africa's Livestock farmers in wealth creation through Innovation and Effective Resource Utilization.

Our Profile

MolaPlus Investments is a manufacturing business enterprise registered in Kenya on 4th May 2007. The enterprise has so far successfully attempted to improve the nutritive value of the lingo-cellulose rich feed materials available for livestock... Read more

Our core values


Constantly innovating to deliver beyond our promise.

Team Work

We bring people together and motivates them to leverage and tap from synagy in their effort making livestock farming a profitable venture.

Customer Satisfaction

Constantly keeping the customer and stakeholders in sharp focus to remain relevant.


A commitment to serve and deliver outstanding results.

We Build our products to Represent our Values

Molaplus has sort to address specific challanges that face Africa's small holder livestock farmers by constantly innovating. The company has always focused on lowering the cost of production while enhancing profitability margins. We can proudly boast of helping Africa's livestock farmers to create wealth through livestock.
  • MolaPlus Super Milk Booster
    MolaPlus Super Milk Booster

    MolaPlus Super has been formulated to help check the deficiency of the required nutrients for dairy and beef animals through the supply of carefully packaged energy, protein, minerals, trace elements, vitamins and yeast in a state that is readily available to the animals for improved productivity.

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