MolaPlus Early Calf-Weaner Meal

This is a rumen development formula for calves that expedites the process of turning them from dependence on liquids to feeding on solid feeds. It ensures timely rumen development, speeds up growth and prepares the calf to be weaned at the age of between 45 to 60 days, thus shortening the claf's dependence on milk by half.

How to Use

This formula is introduced to calves from day one and given in increasing amounts consequently with good quality fibre and clean water. The calf is given a few grams to lick on the first day, the same is mixed with moist fibre in increasing amounts.

What is Does

It enables the young animal to start dpending on solid feeds at an early age Leads to calf daily weight gain Reduces subclinical rumen acidosis at an early age as the young animal switches to solid feeding. Stabilizes the calf's rumen environment Helps the claf to absorb solid feed Promotes the calf's raw fibre utilization Enables the young animal to use solid feed at an early age Supports roughage digestion Eliminates development gap that occurs after weaning

This formula guarantees a farmer more returns per lactation, early calf weaning, a high yielder dairy cow, and a fast-growing beef animal that attains slaughter weight at a tender age.

MolaPlus is a registered brand that majors in manufacturing organic products that support Africa's livestock farmers in wealth creation through innovation and effective resource utilization. The company's products are designed to reduce methane emmissions through livestock farming and promote climate smart farming.