MolaPlus Prime Lick

This is a unique formulation that contains probiotics, energy, protein, minerals, trace elemnts and vitamins in a state that is easily accessible by dairy cows, beef cattle, dairy and beef goats and sheep.

The lick is designed to:

Reduce symptoms of aflotoxins (toxic substances produced by fungal contaminants) that are ingested through feeding. The bound toxins are excreted and barred from being absorbed into the animal's blood stream.

Redcuce the use of antibiotics, steriods and hormones in livestock farming.

Decrease negative environmental impact arising from livestock farming. The natural elements in MolaPlus Prime Lick reduce Methane emission from livestock farming as well as minimize odour in the herd.

Avail micronutrients Promote growth of cellulytic bacteria that are responsible for effective crude fibre degradation. Improve feed conversion due to growth in volatile fatty acids Stimulate feed intake Encourage salivation Allowing cattle, sheep and goats to lick MolaPlus Prime Lick for between 10-20 minutes a day will: Promote growth in growing animals Enhance weight gain in beef cattle, goats and sheep Minimize feed wastage

In dairy animals (both cows and goats), this special lick formulation:

Improves milk production, and Increase fat percentage in milk

MolaPlus is a registered brand that majors in manufacturing organic products that support Afica's livestock farmers in wealth creation through innovation and effective resource utilization. The company's products are designed to reduce methane emmissions through livestock farming and promote climate smart farming.