About us

MolaPlus Ltd (initially started as a sole proprietor manufacturing company by Henry Musaviri Ambwere way back in 2007) is now a limited company manufacturing animal nutritional supplements and offering consultancy to livestock farmers in East and Central Africa.

The company has so far successfully attempted to improve the nutritive value of the ligno-cellulose rich feed materials available for livestock, enhanced their digestibility, unlocked the tied-up nutrients in the same, supplemented the deficiencies through the application of MolaPlus Super, chelated the minerals in the feeds, simplified sugars in them, reduced the natural detergent fibre, inoculated micro-organisms that enhance digestion in the same and thus increase the crude protein (CP) available for the animals.

MolaPlus Ltd, through MolaPlus Super and MolaPlus Livestock Microbes, our products that target ruminants, have been able to increase milk production by up to 5 litres extra per cow per day, speeded up growth of ruminants on the farm, shortened the period beef animals take to attain slaughter weight by up-to a month in some cases.

Our poultry product – MolaPlus Poultry Microbes boosts immunity in birds, enhances the quality of eggs and poultry meat.

Our Mission

To grow and dominate Africa’s livestock supplement and consultancy market by exceeding customer expectation with the most innovative, result oriented supplements and services.

Our Vision

To be Africa’s preferred livestock consultants and manufacturers of animal supplement.

Our Core Values

  • Innovation
  • Team Work
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Service Diligence