The above is a lab report From Madam Sylvia of Makitosha Dairy Farm in Malindi, Kenya. It reveals the effect of MolaPlus Livestock Microbes of Rubbish Overgrown fodder. Note that it has over 16% protein ( literally better than many dairy meal brands in the market). When compared with good quality maize silage, the silage made from Rubbish Overgrown fodder with the aid of MolaPlus Livestock Microbes stands out as super

Above is ordinary maize silage lab results. The same was made without MolaPlus Livestock Microbes. It could have been much better than that made from rubbish fodder had MolaPlus Livestock Microbes been used.

You can use MolaPlus Livestock Microbes to make good quality grass or maize silage that matures in a record 24 hours. The above lab results show what you can achieve with this probiotic solution in 24 hours.

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Is a limited company manufacturing animal nutritional supplements and offering consultancy to livestock farmers in East and Central Africa.

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